im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, June 20, 2008

rode bikes with the gf last night bout 15 miles or so. thought wrong again that i would not hafta do her but i guess her peroid only lasted a couple of days. the sex is still real good but how i get hard anymore i d k .
temporaraly fixed her fence cause she still waiting for the county to clean up the massive tree that fell on it. she was worried her puppy was going to get out. as im fixing it with some "poultry mesh" whatever happened to chicken wire i dont know anyway as im putting it up the pup runs in and out of the yard through the pickets and im thinking what the f am i doing putting up wire if the dog can get out every other place in the yard i dont know i just do things for her anymorre. she bought a ceiling fan and i put it up for her then she finds out it only can handle those little candleabra bulbes 60w max. so i fixed that to hold 2 regular bulbs. she made us dinner which of course we have to eat out of the same bowl. painted her nails and rubbed her feet while her nails dryed. massaged her shoulders then went outside to play with her dogs. hafta remember to get mosqiuto spray for her house. she wont use it but im tired of giving a pint of blood every time we go out in the yard. got ready for bed (i hid in the bathroom for 15 20 min) we did the cuddle thing again and she pulled on me till i was hard again thought well did her once might as well doer again got off in about 30 seconds which i dont think was her plan but i was tired of it all by then. but then the dreded "will you play with my nipples" while she dittled herself sounded like she had a good time but it took forever. left about 10pm
got back to the house and ofuck the lights were still on. the wife and the oldest boy were still up watching tv. lies flowed from my mouth as ususal the wife believes i ride with a bunch of guys i am such a
o yea couldent sleep last night wonder y?


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