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Monday, June 16, 2008

how in the eff am i allowed to still breath. the wife went to a wedding out of town this weekend. we were all supost to go but the oldest boy had to go to school an extra day cause of all the power outages. I did the fri night thing with the gf i really tryed not do her but she had me in bed soon enough between som sit coms and her puppy the fucking the night went pretty fast. i didnt go over there on saturday morning though. had a nasty headach well just tired of giving her everything she asks for. she rode her bike by herself for the first time and it all went well hopefully she wont think she needs me to ride more than around the block anymore.
just the same got pissed off with her on the phone cause she started with all that imissyouiloveyoueimissyou bullshit.
oyea i missed a phone call fron the wife on fri night saying the sunset was beautifull and she missed me and she was crying and all (i proposed to her over a sunset o so long ago) i didnt return that call
the red cross called begging for blood so i got to go for a motorcycle ride more than commuting to and from work. got back home and took the oldest boy to a friends

shit gotta go do som work more later
ok 2 days later
stoped for gas and found out the body shop forgot to hook up my fuel filler neck . got fuel in it anyway but it leaked a bit. i dant get angry easy but i am really pissed now good thing they were closed till monday.
a call on the way back home that the boys friend wasent home and i had to go back and pick him up. so all in all my saturday was a total loss but thats ok i didnt want to do much really anyway.
the wife got home shortly after and we huged and i did the whole how was it thing tell me all about it ect ect.
took a large amount of sleepnig pills and called the gf and blew her off and went to bed
sunday was fathersday went to church with the family and when we got home we had pancakes made by my youngest they were better than usuall. did domestic shit the rest of the day trimmed trees mowed lawn and stuff. the
the wife called me to dinner and we ate out on the deck.
went to the gf house after all that all the way asking myself why?
got there found out she was bleeding so i thought good at least i dont hafta do the sex thing.
i was wrong she was determend to suck me hard and she did tossed off on her tits and went home early.
the youngest boy is away at camp the house in not the same w/o him not just neater either he has an energy to him cant quite explain it but its tangable when he is around.
avoided the sex thing with the wife last night too tired or too guilty?


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