im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

last night i got a complement on how good a first aid teacher i am. dont think i am but its all just skills and techneks i have learned over the years i guess. If i felt better about myself i guess i could take a compliment better.

havent had a chance to work on my bike yet but should have som parts in today to work with. i baught a new (used) one ill pick it up saturday down in mid Ohio. im going to sell the old one on ebay piece by piece.

built a deck and walkway for my dad this past weekend with my brother i work well with hem i wish he wasnt on the other side of the state. My Dad actually said Thank You to us. he has a hard time with saying thank you so it felt good to do somthing for him. aside from feeding housing cleaning up after him and his cat. I do like having him around though i realld do.

still a


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