im a bastard and i cant spell

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

last night i got out my old bike to test ride it and it runs fine but i snaped the drive belt so it had to be trailered home. i pushed it to the wifes work and we rode home together i stoped at the local school about 2 miles away from our house and had her drive us home she didnt want to saying " I cant do this" but i knew she could, i was very proud of her when she pulled us in the drive.
i really really want to be on an American bike but i have had 3 of them now and they all have had a lot of problems.
droped the boy off at scouts and went to load the bike.
had som time to kill so i stoped at the local market to get a packet of chips and a soda and realized i really want to drink not "A" drink but many many drinks to get near death drunk kind of drunk. f--- it just drink to die and get it over i think the only thing stopping me is my dad would find out.
Dad is doing well and even cooks dinner a couple of times a week now.


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