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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

willing but not able to drink

have my dad all settled back in at home now he has a cold but it otherwise ok. He got drunk in newyears eve and fell down (that explaines why he was in such a hurry for pain meds this past January) but he says he quit for good this time . whatever i think i would drink in his position as well but i dont know just trying to stay sober for now myself.

the girlfriend has a year old water heater that is on the fritz it lights but wont stay lit put a new thermol coupler on but its in the gas valve according to my brother. she is pissing and moaning about it a lot i can replace it but she wants to get an electric which i can also do but she always asks how long will this take how long will that take how the fuck do i know i can do it just cant give her a time frame for every hour it will take. finally i told her we would get it done no mater what kind of heater she got and she seemed satisfied with that.

i did meet the pres on GM yesterday not terably exciting but us shop rats dont get much really.
he seems like a nice guy down to earth his talk to the masses later in the day said bacicly to just get down to the business of building and selling cars and trucks no bullshit i like that idea.
and i wana keep my job
the rest of my life is just rolling along in the fog of insanity i have created. i did have a couple of hours if feeling sane the other night when i was teaching class for first aid kinda steped out of my problems for a while and just was normal.

for now though im still an


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