im a bastard and i cant spell

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

last night i worked on my fking boat its hard starting and i cant figure out y. before i was done i went inside and asked the wife if the boys had gon to bed? it was past 930 pm. omy gosh was what she said and i went and told the boys to get ready for bed. If i hadnt come in would she let them stay up How long? she gets wraped up in her work and forgets them i guess. any way called the gf and said gdnite and all that miss u bullshit. went in took a shower and the wife came in and watched me and talked to me as i got dun she handed me a towle and as i dryed off she left the room. I never expected her to go down on me or anything but... a little touch or a kiss might have been nice. no she just walked out. I love her dearly though and know i am such a bastard for what im doing to her and the kids.


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