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Monday, November 22, 2010

my fucked up life

so whats been happening in my world. faithful readers want to know. k im the only one who reads this.

sat in the gf bed last night sewing a sweater for her dog while she gave me a bj that did feel good i must admit. gave her a good hard fill up and she diddled herself to what sounded like a good O.

worked the weekend sat and sunday missed the church dedication didnt really want to go anyway wife said it was very nice.

the youngest boy was in a play on friday night he played a lunatic in a cast of all girls. couldent understand much of it but he had a good time.

before i went to the play i went to the gf house feed her dogs took a shower and ate er puss till she had a good O wish she wouldent fart while shes cumming but she does sometimes. blew a nut and got the fuckoutathere

when i got to the school before (7pm) the wife met me out front and was all pissed cause my dad fucked things timeing wise for and she was all in a snit so i finally said can we all just watch the play and have a good time she aggred and it lasted about an hour and a half back to my house by 10pm.


ps i forgot my plastic zip tie last night and was kinda freeking out without it i really need help!


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