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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

sunny sweeney

heard a song by sunny sweeney while i was driving my dad to FL. A table away its called fucked my head up i always look for the gf when im out with the wife and kids even at the airport when the wife picked me up. when will i be found out when will the wife walk up the the gf and me when we are out or vice versa will i be able to get the band tie out in time. will i have the conviction to use it. i put it on daily and pull it tight on the non ratcheting side to get the feel of it i always let go when i start blacking out but it dont take long. nothing anyone carries on them will cut it not sizers not a knife or even moste side cutters it would take the large ones or tin snips to get it off. and in less than 5 minuits. just dont know if i could do it.



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