im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, March 09, 2007

the week went well family stuff ever night and workn ovtime saw the gf a couple of times for hugs in the car goin t the movies t night with her.

Monday, March 05, 2007

the weekend well as i guess it should have . I got into an argument with the gf via phone on friday morning. Treated her like shit didn't call her for hours and then when i did i said som horibal shit. Went to the gf house on friday after work on the way there i thought to myself i'll still be in her bed fucking her brains out before too long sure enough fucked her 2wice I didn't cum the 2ond time though o'yea and she cooked me dinner as well hung out the rest of the night. Went home and cralled in bed w the wife and slept like a stone.
Saturday morning got up early called the gf to make sure she was up and doing her homework (she went back to school and is doing well) then.... jumped back in bed and did the nasty with the wife had a good Ogsm this time and slept for a while longer. Went skiiing the rest of the day w family. Got up early Sunday morning went to the gf climed into bed w her and wellllll fucked her just a quicki like 2 min or so didn't care if she came or not. slept som more and we got up and went to work together. the day went quick I never left her side and when we got home we had tie food takeout and took a shower together. she gave a great bj and i ate her to a monster ogsm she cam again when i did and she frigged herself to an even bigger one while i sucked her tits. got up and dressed about 11pm and went home cralled in bed w the wife and slept like a stone.
am I a bastard yes i am.