im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Does death come in 3s?

Just found out another old coworker died. Don't know what from but 58 yo. The other guy hung himself.  Lucky BASTARDS.
Still carry a large tie strap everywhere.

Finished refresher for one place. Gonna attend the other this weekend.

Winterized the mhome as well as the boat. Redoing the interior, almost ready to go to the apolisters.

Might put some effort into effing the wife tonight as she won't get any this weekend. Haven't tossed since Monday. So might pull it off.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Just had lunch with my oldest son. It was nice he was running errands and going to be near my work so we had lunch. Just like real adult's.I ppaid but he left the tip.
Fixed the neighbors van again rear spring shackle.  Hope it pushes up my carma  as I'm still a cheating INSANE BASTARD
Thinking about GOD lately haveing trouble with the concept lately.  Use to have strong faith bun now I'm calling it into question. Can't dismiss the idea cause of the idea of life force.  It cannot be created by humans in a test tube or petri dish so where did life begin God startedit all? Is the universe God or the power of God the source of all? Is there a heaven and an afterlife? So many questions and I'm just a stupid insane BASTARD