im a bastard and i cant spell

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Working on a saturday

Feeling kind of edgy today still carry tie straps. It could all be over before lunch time ends.
Obviously I'm still insane
Still a Bastard

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Not been posting for a while

What I did this summer
Sold her car it still had lots of value and the boys do not need to drive around a 30k vehicle . Plus it hurt to see it in the driveway and for a split second think o she's home, but she's not. Not ever again.
Finished boat. Never went out but all my friends kids and brother did
My dad ended up in hospital with anemia from the blood thinners so I stayed home during the guy trip.
Asked the gf to marry me gave her a ring asked her mother all that stuff.
Took the boys down south to my sis and bro in laws relaxing and took them Flyboarding again.lots of fun but in the back of my mind I realize it's probably the last family vacation we will take together there 20 and 18 now time for them to stop hanging with me and earn there own vacation time and money.
Taking the will be wife by then to her hometown and Europe for our honeymoon next year $$$$$$$$ but worth it
My neighbor across the street is still being a dick and building up his driveway so water can't run down it. Cleared a spot in the side yard to dig and make a catch basin for the water we will get in the spring. My only hope is that the lake levels will be affected and he will have to ask me to release the water in a couple of years. It ain't much but it's all I got.

I want to do rite by this new wife not cheat on her. Don't think of women in terms of fucking them anymore. She's a great lay. had a session one hot night during the summer with som ice and positions and mind blowing orgazisms don't want any other . Just wanna grow old with this one her dogs. I'm going to move in her place it's closer to work and I don't want her in the house my wife and I built.
I've already moved in som stuff and bought a large cabinet to hold our combined clothes. I have had the boys over to help me with some jobs around her place as well. 1 so they get to know her and 2 she can get to know them. A lill bit

The boys and dad will stay there as long as they need it. It's paid off with the life insurance policy we
had on her. I'll keep on maintaining it but no real renovation the 80 kitchen and bathroom is staying just as it is.
I loved her . I was not a good husband but I did love her.
Not as pulled anymore I still miss her but I'm not spending the rest of my life alone. I'm living I should not be but I am.
Still hate myself but then again I always have
Insane bastard