im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, September 18, 2006

I don't know how much longer this can go on. Went to the gf friday night kinda of scared of her went to a store to pick up som shit she ordered and on the way there she made me car sick with her driving. she wanted me to ride on an elivator after that but she likes to make out while riding them and i would have hurled if we did so i she went by herself i walked up to the dept she was going to but she was already gon. called her cell and went to the carpark and got in her car. she was all like im sorry i thought u were going outside bla blabla. we played house and all for the rest of the night and finally when i was about to leave i started jerking and she let me f her.
sat was oec midterm and refresher all day she invited som friends over and we played like were a real couple dinner and all. 6 hours later they left and she fucked my brains out.

sun went to church with the family (wife told me she was going to need som after woried if i could get it up again) I did and she got off real good helped my dumb ass kid with homework after and other shit he is such a fuckup that in the afternoon i had to give him a little peck on the cheek to get his attention. we got the work done after that. Went to the gf after that she threw me on her bed sucked me hard and i poked her fast and fureoiusly cus i knew my hard on wouldent last got off then did her by hand she likes my wet spread on her puss she got off hard and we slept for a while and then i got up dressed and left. she wines that she misses me and all that shit but i go anyway got home and cralled in bed with the wife and slept like a baby (babies wake up every 2 hours) i hate it im a bastard

tonight i go t the gf house but need a good lie because it raining and i told wife i was riding bikes lies lies lies bastard.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

guilt made me stay home saturday morning after promising the gf i would come over I called her early and she got all pissy and shit told me never to ask to sleep over durring the week again. She later called and left me a vm that said she was sorry and she knew i needed my space. She is so clingy and needy she described how she wanted me to make love to her (which included eating her out for about an hour) I don't mind but my mouth and toung get tired.

Instead I had sex with the wife it was good (morning sex usually is) and spent the day doing domestic stuff and generally keeping close to the wife.

my life is all bullshit but i don't know how to stop it.

went to the gf sunday night and did a little hugging but didn't push for sex.

monday i went home for a while and then to help teach a class w the gf and some others huga again after she wanted me to stay over I can't believe how desperate she is

Tuesday had a coaching thing with my oldest son

wens had cub scouts with my youngest son then went to church (late) w the gf. back at her house i was expecting som more hugs but i guess she wanted it bad because we went at it like rabbits got her off about 4 times before shooting inside her she somtimes says "come inside me and make me yours" boy does that meke me feel like such a bastard.

I have been thinking of geting the wife and gf in the same space and telling them both im leaving them. Its stupid i get laid about 5 times a week and I just want it all to stop. and go back to drinking and masturbating all the time

Friday, September 08, 2006

after work last night i went to a buddies house and helped him work on his roof. I was tired and called the wife and said i was staying over. said see ya to my bud and went to the gf house took care of her dogs showered and ate some of her food. (she just went shopping yesss ) She really digs it when i lay out all her shit t oget ready for bed face clenzer contact stuff and help her off with her clothes. she says she really feels pampered when i do that. I was really too tired to fuck but she started reading a book we are sharring and i rubbed her feet and well i ended up balling the shit out of her. busted a nut threw her a towl and went to sleep. I had opened all the windows this time so i could hold her all night without sweating my ass off. o yea it helped that i kicked her dog off the bed when she got up to pee. I know im a bastard I'm going over t her house tonight to hang curtians it's bullshit but i'll get a bj out of im sure.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Kids first day of school and the wife now has a real job part time but it should go full time next year. went back t work went and helped a buddy put on a new roof in the afternoon evening. Called the wife and said i was staying there because i was tired. got the hell outa there and went t the gf house showered and waited for her. She was soooo happy t see me she gave me a bj porn star style squirted my jiz all over her tits. Quick shower and we fell asleep kinda she tosses and turns a lot. got up a little early for work just in case i was feeling horney stuck my dick in her mouth just to wake her up she gobbels it up like she is a starving baby. didnt cum but it felt good

wednesday morning and back at work tonight i play the good dad and go to a coaches meeting and the boys school. Its boring and bullshitish but usually has som nice milfs around. Not that i really need another bitch in my life

Monday labor day

went and put the boat in the water we had a beach party kinda cold but my buddy wife has huge tits and the cold wind brought out her big nips as well (my wife tells me she hasen't given it up since her last kid over a year ago) party party party on the beach grilled dogs boating lots of fun with the kids. went home put the boat up and took a nap with the wife woke up feeling a little twitch in my crotch got hard enough to put it in (the wife will not suck cock btw) but was loosing my erection so i put her feet up around neck and banged away this always gets me off it like tightens her puss muscles or somthing as well as gives me a good visual of her tits bouncing. domestic bullshit after that till an early bed time. didn't go to the gfs she wined about that but fuck it i can only doo so much

friday after work went to the gf house took care of her dogs and made her a wonderful dinner.we sat on the couch and read for a while untill i couldent take it any more and i just had to f her soooo i did on the the couch on the floor and then in bed it was like porn sex only better because i was doing it not just wacking to it . went home after a couple of hours cralled in bed with the wife and sleept like a baby.

Saturday morning i got up early said i was meeting som buddies to work out went to the gf house slept for a while (dont know why i go home) fucked her quicky style. We got up took a shower walked her dogs had som lunch and she went to work. Went home did som domestic bullshit and took a long motorcycle ride w the wife. then went to church. I went to bed and fell asleep sucking on tities but didnt feel like fucking.

Sunday woke up with a hard on and a horny wife did the nasty for a while slept in and had a lazy morning. Don't know why sex with the wife is so different same bady parts but she gets one big O while the gf has about 10 little ones before somtimes saying i want it to go all tingly and then i know its big because she screems and writhes about on the bed a lot. went the the gf house on sunday night she sucked me hard so i fucked her again (dicks getting a little sore by now) but it was a good lay. went home and cuddled up to the wife. She is so much easer to actually sleep with than the gf.

Friday, September 01, 2006

It's been a while but here is my latest update.

Warning this is not for the morily sound.

I went away for the weekend with my Gf and we fucked out brains out in a heart shaped hot tub. Did a lot of walking around shopping a stuff. We must have looked in love because people thought we were on our honeymoon. It was a good time but when it ended I had to go back to the Wife. All she wanted was a good shagging. I thought my dick was going to fall off after the pounding my gf gave it over the weekend. Some would say (ok probably everybody) that would be a good thing and I think so too. I really hate being such a bastard but can't seem to stop it all. It's all just an act anymore I feel dead inside.
Leave the gf? get divorced? maybee just kill myself but my life insurance dosen't cover suiside and that would leave the wife and kids in a real fix.

Tuesday diden't see the wife much or the gf slept on the couch.

Wed took the gf to church and then back to her house. Just som cuddeling she realy likes that.

Thur domestic bulshit then did the wife good sex but ordinary.

Fri and the weekend I'll let u know.


ps i know my spelling is really bad so if that offends you as well fuck off im not running spell check or going back to school.