im a bastard and i cant spell

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

still gota shit storm blowing in my head. worked out vacation time for the rest of the year including a couple of days for the gf. obsesed in my head about another gal cont get her out wana fuck her too why! do i really need another!!! woman in my life still dicky twitches when i think about her. taking the boys up north for a out anual guy trip weekend packing tonight.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

vacation july 2011

tuesday been back to work 2 days so i'll start with the end and work my way backwards cause i cant remember it another way.

last night i went to the gf took her dogs swimming cooked her a nice dinner while she puttered in the garden cooked her som of her own veggies and a steak suprized she wanted a steak but i cooked it well done for her and she kind of liked it we went to class and found out it was canceled. back home and i ate her to a few small o's and then i drilled her its the only way to describe it i knew it i stoped or let up i would go limp so drill drill drill her tits were bouncing and her head was bobbin around headboard hitting the wall the whole bit did have a good o though. took off about 9

monday and back to work busted out our jobs in the morning and slid the afternoon went back to the house put wheel bearings in the bike had dinner and did dads meds took them over and pumped his tanks i go back in and he droped some of them got them swept up he wanted to toss them but shit thats 20$ worth of meds on the floor so i took them and sorted them got him 9 weeks out now. tired, showered and did the wife big O was able to bust a nut pretty easy even after the dirty weekend.

sunday walked the dogs early up to dunken and got nuts and coffee fucked on the gf for a min or 2 couldent bust a nut. put the boat in the water the dogs love it and it was relaxing we had a picknic lunch at the lake and went backed and gardened and relaxed some more got icecream from the truck when it went by. showered and fucked to big Os . burgers on the grill a little cuddle and left.

Saturday i slept in while the gf walked the dogs. pancake for breakfast she do make good cakes lots of fruit. took a road trip to the beach long trip but worth it lots of pretty people and som pretty ugly people guy playing his guitar ,good time got home before dark walked the dogs and wentr to bed no fucking just light cuddling very hot.

friday went swiming and boating and pissed the dday away till some friends came over for dinner chicken on the grill salad and some ver political conversation kinda dont like the guy cause of that reason but he helped me pull the boat out caus his wife was a little sick

thursday got up and cuddled the wife in bed till it was time to leave for the gf house. (insirt fucking bastard comment here). went to the gf house went inside and she fucked my brains out for a couple of hours. cooked chicken when a friend came over to help us recertify out teaching crendentules. fucked like rabbits and slept .

at my house
wednsday built steps on the side of the house

tuesday we slept late and took the family out on the boat lots of relaxing did get the boys in the tube for a bit and i got up in the wake board for the first time this season. got a little sunburned . went out with the wife to buy a new ski rope and some clothes.

monday worked on waterproofing the east side of the house put in drain tile and painted it with waterproofer paint took all day

Sunday drove back home got the mhome set up and went to gf house

saturday boated and fun in the sunand sand, kids and i rode a home spun water slide into the water holy shit it was fast carried buckets of water up the hill the traction made my wrist feel better. looked up date codes for tires and found the m home tires are like 11 years old and the right front was totally fucked so i put the spare on for the trim home. checked tire pressure on everything
cooked brats and dogs for dinner along with a sea food pasta salad

friday boated and relaxed moste of the day went and got a fan belt for the boat . at the auto parts there was a dead cat on the counter and a local guy even said watch this and he put a can of freon on it and it didnt move. finally it opened one eye and i could barely see it breathing. said to the counterperson nice cat he said you want it. fuck no already got 2 at my house but i guess its a stray that mouses all night and sleeps on the counter all day. brother picked up the 2ond tire andput it on while i took his family and mine out for the day.

thursday worked on the mhome exhaust and got the tail pipe pointed in the right direction. took the truck and the quad and som kids out on the sand had a good time my brother launched my truck while i was riding the quad it looked so fucking cool! i made it up the big hill and we spent bout 4 hours before it got real hot and we went boating in the afternoon. the alt gage showed it wasent charging. i had thrown a fanbelt i had a universan spare that i tryed to put on that turned out to be a total piece of shit. brother had picked up the new tire as i was putting it on dad noticed the outer had a gouge in it fuck back to the tire store to order another 289$ expencive but not rip off prices. i took the wife out on the water for sunset and dancing and a little quiet time just the 2 of us.

wednsday first thing bro and i went tire shoping to replace the blown tire had to order one be in tomorow after noon went to the local shop for som sundry items. took the kids out boating and across to the sand. buried all the kids in the sand. youngest got sun burned a little whined about it a lot

tuesday headed out about 11 after we got everything loaded got about a hundred miles out and the right inner tire blew out. hotter than fuck on the side of the road but with the help of the oldest we had the spare on and on out way in about an hour rolled in camp at about 5pm

Monday the 4th up early to liik at why my truck brakes are overheating need a master cylinder i guess clamped off the rear flex line and its takes longer to stop but its ok. had a deer in my driveway eating mulberrys kinda cool. it looked up a few times but just wandered off eventually. took the fam to fire works thought we were gona have shitty view but it turned out well lots of traffic getting out but good show and worth the hassle.

Sunday church and worked on the east side of house a bit. took the gf a power washer and showed her how to use it. fucked her and went back to my house.

saturday cant remember what i did

friday drove truck to work and to gf house brakes overheating dont know why

thursday picked up pads and rotors for my truck did brakes on my truck


Friday, July 01, 2011


off for 2 weeks from work

maybee ill die in some freek accident hopefully