im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, June 13, 2013

got Olivia running again

Water in gas was all really new plugs helped too.
Dad is settled in now. Son is taking good care of him pulse resp O2 saturation b,p blood sugar and doing his meds. Takes much of the pressure off m

pittsburg trip

went to Burg Sun Mon Tues and Wed. nice city easy to get around good looking people for the most part and stayed at an amazing b and b . trouble was i went with my gf not my wife.  fucked out brains out. walked a lot got the gf a couple of new outfits and had some very good food cheesecake factory nice place expensive but good.
spent about 300. she paid for the room i picked up most everything else.
was i pretending to have a good time or did i just act like it i just don't know anymore. people comment om how much in love we look.       slipped back into my old life pretty easy actually wife kids dad.. cats now I'm back at work and drinking coffee like it never happened.