im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, September 26, 2011

im pretty good at eating puss. the gf got the toung fri and sunday while the wife got it on sat. takes 2 very diff styles for them but both cum strong when i do. course i spank off on em when there done.

its about the only thing i can do or give them that is good the rest is just lies and decite

thursday i caught the wife on her back traction board and while she was straped in i fingered her to O. dashed off a quicki my self



Friday, September 23, 2011

everything i eat turns to acid on my stomach. had the shits for days now

i lay awake at night and feel guilty guilty GUILTY as i lay next to my wife of 23 years.

rain today had to get som wood at home depot anyway. always in a shit mood when i cant ride the bike

put a band tie in my bedside table. maybee ill put it on in my sleep



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my gall bladder has been actin up again pretty bad this time. got the shits today glad im not gay cause my ass hurts like a mthrferr. maybee its all the allergy tabs i been taken dont know but i almost went to the e room the other night

didnt do spit last night sept watch tv with the old man.

glad they settled the national contract found out there is a no strike clause in it till 2015. big sigh of relief on that one i hated being on strike.

made up 2 mor band ties to have them close by at all times.



Saturday, September 17, 2011

got the the gf house yesterday and she starts on about fall dates and shit and i like couldent handle all the fucking things i have to do in the next month my stomach was in knots and and shit was runnin out of me llike h2o. got all the dates put in my phone but not sure i can be and instructor anymore. im maintaining essentally 4 houses mine my dads the wido next door and the gf house + 12 fucking cars trucks and motorcycles. kinda all too much lately. watched the gf eat dinner cause i wadent hungry . she said "wish you would have told me that i would have eaten sooner" i appoligized and she gives me this guilt trip for not being hungry. if i had eaten i just would have felt like shit and had to sit on the toilett the rest of the night. instead we showered and fucked she did ask in a nice way if i wasent in the mood but i dare not say no

got back to my house and my mil and fil were there why in the fuck does my fil have to say som derogitory remark every time i see him. like look who finally came home. or good afternoon if he thinks ive goten up too late in the morning. one of these days hes going to get a hardy JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP OLD MAN!!!!



Friday, September 16, 2011

didnt go last night wife was all kinda freeked out about her parents comming in for the weekend. so we cleaned up a bit . fucking hate it when her mon comes she acta like all of a sudden we are not human and the house needs sanitizing. that would be ok if she wanted to live like that all the time and put the effort into cleaning it her self but noooo it only that bad just as she is panicking the house is a pig sty her mom is comming. already had it out with her years ago about her getting all freeky at times like this but i guess i need to hit her with it again. THIS IS HOW WE LIVE IF THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH YOUR PARENTS WILL HAFTA STAY AT A LOCAL MOTEL.

boy is getting confermed this weekend

going to gf house again this afternoon

started carrying a tie strap around with me everyware again.



Thursday, September 15, 2011

supost to be going on a bike ride today. dont know if i want to not that i couldent use the exersise but i wanna fuck the chick running it.

wacked it last night



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

did the wife

so i did the wife last night why? guess she was just laying on the bed and i put on some lotion on her feet and gave her a fooot rub as usual and got a hardon and pumped her. guess i would have bated later in the bathroom anyway . got up and made a sammich after she fell asleep. i hate myself and the things i do


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


thought of a wat to get rid of the gf. i was eating her the other night and fingering her at the same time and the thought occured to me hit er w the shocker she would hate it and slap me and we could have a huge fight about how much i wana do her ass and all that and she would find me a sick bastard and kick me to the curb. these are now my fantisy.

in reality i did make her go put in a job ap cause 8 per hour is better than sitting on her ass doing what she thinks is work on her book.



Thursday, September 08, 2011

prolly no suprize that im listening to cheating songs and watching death sceens on youtube today is it

laborday and more betrail

so the gf went out of town for a week or 2 she lost her job and was planning this trip anyway so she went i texted her like she wantedme to and all that bs.
i stayed around the house and worked ot
took dad and the boys camping came bac the next day and loaded the bikes and took the wife on a road trip. only 50 miles or so but we went to church had dinner played tourist and stayed at a real nice b and b. romantic walk by the river in the evening. went and got the m home all in all put 600 miles on the road.

back at work more ot and the gf got back on wednesday. i did not voulenteer to take the day off and get her at the airport. i told her if she wants me to get her she would hav to wait till i got there. she landed at about 2 so she would hav to wait about 3 hours and being a princess that was too long so she got her son to pick her up. fucking small victory for me telling her no but fuck it shes gots start doing things on her own sometime right?

anyway the wife wants me to attend som church prayer group at 630 wed so i called the gf and offered her a quick welcime back hug telling her i only had about 1/2 hour. 2 min after getting to her house she had my cock in her pumping away. why did i go running back like some lost fucking puppy? what is fucking wrong with me. i got dressed and met the wife at church. good thing it was just reading from photo copy dont see the good in it but did really see the fucked up bas i was giving the group.