im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, January 25, 2010

what i did this weekend

went to the gf house after work on fri rode the motorcyle.
we walked the dogs at the local college short walk caus i didnt remember my inhaler again i run out of breath in the cold weather latley prolly should go see the Dr about it but i been using primateen mist and it works very well. got back to her house had a dinner of chicken thighs and pasta it was ok we showered and fucked. thats all we ever really do lately. went home to the marital bed and slept the sleep of the guilty
did manage to get up fairly early to take everybody skiing but durring breakfast the wife told me she was being let go from her job at the end of the school year. lots of tears and lots of assurance that it will all be alright bla bla bla. she wondered if she could collect unemployment as she is being let go and not just off for the summer. i bit my tongue and didnt say you cant collect unemployment from a shitty piss ass part time glorified baby sitter job i just said we will half to see. probably costs more in gas and teacher clothes than she brings in but at least it gave her a sense of self worth and meaning.
so we didnt go skiing
took a nap
went to an eagle scout ceramony thought it would be a good way to get the 14 year old motovated to advance in rank from tenderfoot 3 fucking years and he is still lowest rank you can be. i hate scouts i was a cub leader for 7 years and got all the scouts i lead through the highest rank you could get in cub scouts but i hated it just did it for my children. but now he hasta do it for himself ill take him to meetings buy him things he needs but i will not do it for him.
went skiing in the evening with som old friends and had a really good time we played follow my leader down the black diamond runs steve called it swallow my leader cause he could follow so close he could almost touch his skis to my snowboard and so on i was carving really well and i forgot about the wife kids girlfriend and life for a while and just had fun.

after though it was back to the gf house for more fucking and guilt. good sex though

church on sunday with the family surprized i dont get hit by lightning or som such catastrafee walking into church after such a night of adultery but it never works and more lies ang guilt are piled on

skiing was called off due to rain. the wife had meetings in the afternoon and the kids just wanted to play the wie sports thing so off i went to the gf house for an afternoon of shoping and bs had som dinner and well fucked again


Thursday, January 21, 2010

only problem with where i work now is there are no motorcycle stores neerbye so im eating my lunch at my bench cause i really have nothing better to do. i know waa waa at least i have a job. i am gratfull to still be working some of my co workers are still on layoff.
rode the bike to wirk today kinda cold but ok. almost got hit by a garbage truck when it slid into a ditch making a right turn while i was going left. missed me by a few feet i didnt stop wtf could i do for him and his truck stuck in a ditch. dam the luck a few seconds later and i would have been under that truck.
just got a call from my Dad to ask if i had called him? i did last night and talked to him for 20 min or so he kinda takes a week for ideas to set in with him i sold his house last week and told him i would put the money into his accounts that are still making money but he wanted to tellme to do just that i guess at 77 im/he is lucky to even be on his own in FL.

the tortalinies im eating for lunch look kine little timy vaginas


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

rode the bike to work today 20 degrees and snow on the ground but the roads wer ok.
closing on my dads house on thursday finally was supost to close at thanksgiving but finally hope it happens. made up 6 weeks worth of his pills and sent him all his pain meds hope he dosent take too many at a time he was bitchen about his sleeping pills again last night but he didnt tell me he was running out and he wore the lable off the old bottle so he hasta wait i went to the Dr office and ordered a new script. if he would stop napping 2 or 3 times a day he might just sleep at night i dont know

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2010 new year

made it through the hollidays alive the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and we has the "norman rockwell " christmas tree lights gifts dinner all the usuall bs ducked and dodged the gf as much as i could but did go and see her christmas day in the evening we exchanged gifts and boinked and i got the hell outa there . i told her i was flying the boys to FL to visit with there grandpa that got me outs newyears whigh we spent watching old movies till midnight. I hate newyears anymore i cant drink dont really want to start another new year of lying and cheating.
i did put a large plastic bag over my head and held it tight 24 breaths till i got dizzy and started blacking out pulled it off oviously but i did prove that death is really only 2 min or less away at any time a bag is handy.