im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, October 31, 2011

hung from the climbing gear all sunday afternoon fixing the ridge vent hope it keeps the rodents out.
watched the last samarie with the youngest boy cause he is taking japanese as a second language i know its not historically accurate and it has tom cruise in it but i thought it was good

the oldest boy went on his first out of state outing with his girlfriend and the church group i think it went well. He is 18 now (no childe support when the inevidable happens) i took the hole fam out to dinner along with his gf (nice tits on that girl) one thing that bugs me about the wife is that dinner is done and she says O i forgot to bake get a cake. WTF she doesent work full time the house is a sty and she cant even remember to get a fucking cake for the boys bday. pulled into a local ice cream shop and although they were technacally closed for the season he had a cake good to go and we went back to the house and has a few laughs and opened som gifts n stuf.

did my 5 hours at the swap

droped my dad off with my brother for 2 weeks. motorhome is a work in progress

gf and the wife bleeding at the same time


Monday, October 24, 2011

gallbladder flush

so i drank the apple juice all week. ate light no caffene except for the excedrin on thursday and saturday. gota have it or my headaches get to where i cant function. then i did the last part of the flush 2 teaspoons of epsom salt 2 hours apart. after the second one i passed everything i had and then went dark green liquid lighter green liquid then clear liquid. nassive amounts of liquid comming out of my butt. then i duitifully drank the oil and lemon mix (not as hard to do as i thought it would be) and went to bed. rumbled and stuff through the night and felt like i had eaten a huge greasy pizza the night before. didnt go to church. ate som crackers and apple juice. and stayed close to the bathroom. more liquid som green floaties and then a little but powerfull poop produced a dozen or so green floaties. like the flush instructions said theere would be. are they stones or just congeled oil? i dont know but i feel better knowing i tried to flush out things

chores around the house including fixing my dads tail lights. i really do put a lot of time into doing things for him . guess im kinda of resentfull about it but i do love him and want to take care of him as best as i can.

went to the gf house 3 times this weekend. did her 2 times.

think the squrile is comming in through my ridge vent ordered som climbing equipment to get on the roof to screw it down



Thursday, October 20, 2011

feeling a little better

feeling a little better today eating regular and taking my apple juice.

wentto the the gf house yesterday for som juice she got from the food bank. kinda felt guilty for taking it but she was late and it was going to go to waste if i didnt /she didnt have it. turns out it was just flavored corn syrp with vitem c not for me and my condition and it taste like bitter apple peals anyway. maybee the boys or dad will drink it as well.

we huged and i gave her a frozen dinner from dads freezer that i had stored at work


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

just had the most evil and frightning thought i've hade in a long time. worst than killing my self worse . i thought that at least when i was drinking i knew what to expect from my body and it was better that way.

cold shivers




well the flowers were met with som luke warm enthusiam. i made dinner but didnt eat much my stomach still hurts before durring and after i eat, ulser? gall bladder? duno gona eat som cookies and a yogurt in a minute well see

parent teacher conferences last night as well the boys are doing well Cs and Bs better than i did in HS.

ate som more after and felt ok

called the gf to say good night

more pain in the gut when i lay down so i ate som crackers and soda tossed off and fell asleep

gf is alread naging me about spending newyears eve with her. the wife insists i have it with her

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

first date

its the anniversary of the 1st date i had with my future wife we have been "together" for 26 years now.

been cheating on her for 11. did the gf last night skipped Sunday gall bladder acting up wasn't gonna do her but as we were sitting together on the couch my gut went puute and i felt better for a while.

took dads mhome in for repairs

almost got taken out by a deer this morning on the way to work. i don't think it would have killed me anyway just fucked up the bike.

still think i got a squirrel in my walls heard it last night



Thursday, October 13, 2011


have the urge to drink lately. it came on strong after i fixed my truck Saturday night and was test driving it and it has not let up since.



Tuesday, October 11, 2011

still a bastard still a lier and an unfaithful cheating asshole.
still think of new ways to off myself daily.