im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, November 22, 2010

my fucked up life

so whats been happening in my world. faithful readers want to know. k im the only one who reads this.

sat in the gf bed last night sewing a sweater for her dog while she gave me a bj that did feel good i must admit. gave her a good hard fill up and she diddled herself to what sounded like a good O.

worked the weekend sat and sunday missed the church dedication didnt really want to go anyway wife said it was very nice.

the youngest boy was in a play on friday night he played a lunatic in a cast of all girls. couldent understand much of it but he had a good time.

before i went to the play i went to the gf house feed her dogs took a shower and ate er puss till she had a good O wish she wouldent fart while shes cumming but she does sometimes. blew a nut and got the fuckoutathere

when i got to the school before (7pm) the wife met me out front and was all pissed cause my dad fucked things timeing wise for and she was all in a snit so i finally said can we all just watch the play and have a good time she aggred and it lasted about an hour and a half back to my house by 10pm.


ps i forgot my plastic zip tie last night and was kinda freeking out without it i really need help!

Monday, November 08, 2010


a friend and mentor died this past weekend I'm sad but she had a tumor and was suffering. she went like my Mother she waited till she was alone and just went. i do feel sadness

i have taken to carrying a band tie around with me everywhere i go. if i need to i can put it around my neck and pull it tight and be gone in less than 5 minutes.

Had the wife take my dad to meet my brothers wife to hand off Dad for a week. my brother and i were both working just like dad taught us "work it when ya can"

went to my volunteer gig fundraiser as well as the annual church fundraiser. yavafo

supposed to go to the gf house after work don't want to but too scared not to. why am i so scared to not go? am i afraid ill loose her?


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

new dog

so the gf got a new dog a little fucked up abused 1 year old dog scared out of its mind. i do not understand and have never understood this idea of getting another pet to replace the one just lost its not a fucking piece of furniture or something its a living thing. she appoligized for making me give my heart to another dog but i cant do it. i just cant do it.

had yesterday off poked at the wife and gave her a Ogsm made her an omlit and sent her to work

did the voteing thing im more than a little disenchanted with out government and the hole system of how things run. cant thikn of a better way though.

took my dads cat to the vet $225 he was poked and proded stuck and drained and pronunced healthy. 225 on a cat! like spending $55 to get a disposable lighter fixed. dont undarstand taking care of animals i guess usta be an animal lover but they die and leave a hole in your heart that can not be filled ever.

gota go and feed the gf dogs after work. all fucking 3 of them who the fuck needs 3 dam dogs at a time anyway. all gona die too soon.