im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, July 29, 2013

guy trip

Annual gut trip went well. Kinda rainy but good gun shooting.  boom. Flaged off crawfish too cold guess I'm turn Ing into a pussy. Good steaks. CCCOflag was a hit.
Fucked the wife
Gonna fucj the gf tonight
Insane bastard

Monday, July 22, 2013

My weekend Fri worked ot went t gf fucked her a bit took her and her dogs swimming . Only t 2 now she had a put t old one down:-) :'( . Water so warm it wasent even refreshing. Cought no more monks though Kerry wes there while. We were fucking. Rained a lot it cooled down. Ate dinner and pussy and fucked her brains out. Went back my house went to bed with wife. In morning fucked t wife. Got everyone up to go boating fan belt broke so cut t day short. Fixed boat. Puttered around house. Jerked off at night. Sun went t Church w wife took dad to race and car show had a good  o'l fashioned family dinner and then went to gf and hung out and fucjed her again. Back at my house I ate 3 hot dog jerked off and went to sleep. No wonder my nuts hurt
Fucking insane bastard

Thursday, July 18, 2013

shaging for luch

So the gf. Wanted her ac put in her window, went their at lunch got it in and working ate some lunch and blasted back t work. Today she wants me back for just lunch OK as the shiti had. Was edible but blan. on way there I suggest she get naked . Meets meanaked and we fuck for 8 min. She had. A Small o I had a big one. Up eat blast back to work. Still feels like it didn't really happen I mean no Chic really calls up invites for lunch and a shag for real do they?

Fucking insane BASTARD

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Spent t weekend w gf. Said I was on a spiritual as retreat. Fucked her a lot tore the siding of f t front of her house to look for chipmunks holes. Got em blocked up and put all siding and trim back
Changed oil in wife car washed it. She has 15k on it already her job is only 6 miles away how the f does she put so many miles on it.
Dad went and visited my brother and almost dies. His wife is a effing nurse who takes care of old people. He went from walking with a Cain to not being able to go toilet by himimself what the fuck take him to the dam hospital. Turns out his hemoglobin went low and his blood got too thin from his meds.

 Fly boarding
Piece of shit trailer worked fine till strap came off. Rode back.
 Good ridding in GA .
Bro in law bought new vehicle got him a discount, at least I'm good for something.

Monday, July 15, 2013

to drink and die would be to start drinking again. it would take years but it would at least make everone hate me and be glad im gone. i still carry the strap its like a security blanket now i must have it to function. even though i dont think ill ever use it.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

vacation 2013

Re roofing the garage
Going to party w gf tomorrow. Under the guise of 12 step as work.
Fly boarded on family vacation w bro in law and boys very very fun.
Took the bike had som nice rides.
strap on the Trailer I built came undone the bike fell of so we ditched it and I rode it back. Went straight to the gf house a d fucked her. She thought I was w my bro and his kids w dad.
Dads in  hospital low hemoglobin and a bleed some ware he got a transfusion and is doing better.