im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, May 17, 2007

worked overtime last night and went straight to the gf got there early and feed her dogs and watched som tv. funny i got the dame feeling of dread when she got home as wnen the wife comes home. She made is dinner and we went to bed i slept and she read. She wanted me to paint her toenails again but i pretended to sleep so i didnt haft to. when she finally got done she must wanted som cause she started making out w me and feeling me up. I knew she was on the rag so we didnt fuck but i did cum on her puss and she got off fingering herself while i rubbed spunk on her tits.(she loves that) anyway huged her a little more and got up dressed and got the hell out. At home all was quiet wife was awake so we huged and i went to sleep. I feel like crap today cold fever and shit like that. worken over again think ill stand the gf up on friday night we'll see if i have the nuts to do it or not.

I hate myself its raining and im riding my motorcycle with a bald rear tire, hopefully i'll get creemed by a semi on the freeway on the way home


Friday, May 11, 2007

goin t the gf house again tnite crazy week poked the wife on tuesday mostly domestic bs the rest of the week. o just remembered I clipped the wifes nails and rubed her feet before foing to the gf on wed nte she loved it. the gf studied for a while and well i got tired of "stand next to me and touch me" so i pulled up a chair and she promptly put her feet in my lap and i rubbed and tickeled them. Later on we went t bed and she asked me to de-stress her so i got busy and started rubin and sucken tits (not eaten dirty puss) and when i positioned my self on top of her she reached down and grabs my dick and pulls me into her. I was gonna do more but what the fuck i took it as a signe that she wanted a good hard fucken. happened to glance at the clock 9:01 pounded and pounded on her finally came at 9:16 only cuz i was getten tired of doin all the work (she just layed there) I was no sooner dun and she pushes me off and goes t the bathroom. we get back into bed and i can tell shes kinda pissed but shit if she wanted more forplay she should have asked for it. not grabed my cock and pulled me in! o
Owell goin there again t nite probly fuck more
I dont even like to fuck anymore last night i tossed off to a dvd and had the best o ive had in a while. Maybee i should just leave em both and be a bastard t myself for a while.
o bty i really wanna drink right now

Monday, May 07, 2007

what a weekend spent friday night with the gf sleept a lot and just kinda screwed off till i burned dinnner. I think i showered and we fuckes and an i go home. Sat slept in sold a motorcycle and cooked dinner for the ffamily went out to a verrrrrry public dinner with the gf lots of people i know with my wife were there i might get busted for this one. was tired and full when we got back t her plaace so i fucked he r and left. I told the wife i was meeting som friends and going bikeing and then we all went to the cacieno. all such bullshit is it not. went to church on sunday w the family did som yard work and went out same ol bullshit excuse got to the gf s walked her dogs played a game fucked her and went home. cant seem t sleep wonder why??????? duu this afternoon ill take the gf dinner at school and go home and do domestic stuff w the family. Can i get it up for the wife? No denying she is beautiful but no sparks fly anymore. I am such a bastard I want to die but cant ...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Took the gf dinner after work yestday on the way home. got home cuddled w the the wife for a while till she went out to class. Cooked som dinner for my kids worked on project with my oldest and went to the gf house. We ran som errands and shit and when we got back i showered and well she sucked me hard and we fucked our brains out. we cuddled for a while while she studied and just before i left for the night she twiddled herself and i played w her nips she had what sounded like a good gasm I was hard again by then so i balled her som more didnt cum but it felt good. kissed her gdby and went home cralled in bed w the wife and suprizingly went t sleep. How can a bastard like me sleep after a night like that?