im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, August 24, 2006

aaaaa typed a long post and the computer jacked up and i lost it

in short
mon fucked the gf
tues fucked the wife
wen fucked the gf

going away w the gf at the weekend

Monday, August 21, 2006

took the kids to a rock concert on friday night it was good but i coulden't drink or smoke. The gf was pissed because i usually give her friday nights. I showed up at her house early on saturday morning (after kissing the wife goodby) i feed her dogs so she could stay in bed. slept for a bit then gave her a 2 minuite fucking she had a little o but i fingered her to a masive one she cums really hard that way. Took her out to breakfast somehow managed to get her t pay the bill (i did offer even had a 20 in my hand) sent her off to work and went home. went back to see the gf on sunday afternoon we did som gardening and walked her dogs. I really pampered her in the shower washing soaping and shaving her (she wants me to shave her puss again soon but we didn't have the time) all clean i proceded to f the piss outa her literly she wets herself she gets soo into it It kinda turns me on though. its monday now and im back at my pissy little job slept for a while and i'll spend the rest of the day on the computer doing shit like this and surfing around the firewalls for prono.

Friday, August 18, 2006

well the nest night i took my gf to a different church and then went back to her house and proceded to bang her for all i was worth. wow how can i keep doing this? thursday I went home and did the wife and then we went and picked up the kids from camping with grandpa.
the wife is going out of town on sat it will be just the kids and I the gf wants me over on sat and sun I think i'll bring the boat so i can f her out on the water. i'll let u know how the weekendoturns out.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

well last night i took the wife to church and them to dinner and a romantic walk in the park. nice guy that i am i sent the boys to go camping with my dad so we could have some together time. All this after i stpoed by my girlfriends house for a bj and "hug time" God i am such a bastard

Monday, August 14, 2006

well i went on a vacation this weekend took the boys and went fishing conoeing boating and other manly things. It gave the wife a rest from us. To show her appreceation she fucked my brains out before i left. did the gf mind? you ask Yea she got a little pissy that she wouldent see me for a few days but in the end i convenced her she just just had pms and got a bj from her before i left as well. She really had to work me hard for it because i had jus did the wife a few hours earlyer she even swalllowed. had a good time but i keep wondering when things will come to an end.


Thursday, August 10, 2006


last night i went to my gf s house by telling the wife i was going to church. I have gon to church on wensday night before w my gf but last night she read to me from som inane book while i carressed and rubed her feet (just a little side note rub and carress a bitches feet the right way and she will f u every time) anyway it wasent too long untill she threw me on the bed and proceded to pount the shit out of me. this woman fucks like a porn star and wants more and more every time even after i come she will dip her fingers into her puss and rub my wetness all over her muff and get off even harder than while im effing her. so the nasty is done and i do that hold her tight thing and proced to fall a sleep for a while. i woke saw it was about 10 pm climed out of bed and went home and crawled in bed with the wife and slept like a baby. Baby bastard that is

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

last night i spent the night running the kids around and doing my civic duty by voting and going to my 73 year old dads house to fix stuff. On the surface i look like a nice guy. My gf the other night called a very kind person because i set out her tooth brush and contact lens case as well as ran her som hot h20 to wash with. I really just wanted to get to fucking her sooner. The wife said she loves me last night but she looked tired so i went to the garage and had a wank to som old porn mags i really liked it. called the gf at midnight to say good night and i'm seeing her tonight. wonder if ill get laid
bastard bastard bastard

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

well now the lies are really rolling out now as friday i said a friend of mine died in an wierd accident so that on monday i could tell the gf i had to go to the funeral home in the afternoon and told the wife i need to go in the evening. that is sooo fked up i know. I got laid twice though. I was a little scared when i got to the gf house though because she started to go down on me and i thought there would be som smell left over from doing the wife but she sucked and played w me then proceded to f she cums lots and lots of times im envious somtimes but after that a little cuddling (the price i pay for the great sex w her) she made me dinner and she read som book to me while played w her body. promptly got up at 10:23 got dressed and whent back home and cralled in bed with the wife.

wow can i really be such a bastard?

Monday, August 07, 2006

well i played like everything was normal when the wife got back and she didn't say a thing so we unpacked the truck and she and the kids told me all about the trip. I pushed my luck and well she must have been horny or somthin becaus she draged me into the bedroom and fucked the shit out of me.

Next morning i told my gf i had som stuff to do w my dad and spent the day being family guy. but i could see her in the evening.

when i got there expecting all hell to break loose she draged me into the bedroom and also proceded to fuck me till i was exhausted. held her for a couple of hours and then left and went home (showered) and crawled in bed with my wife. O yea it was my weding aniversary as well.

can i be any more of a bastard?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Kissed the gf godbuy this morning promising to wash her dogs and have dinner ready when she gets home. yea right like thats going to happen! i got her card again by saying i need groceries. I promised i would only use it at the grocery store. they sell lots of shit at the miejer neer me lol.

the wife and kids will be home this afternoon.

It's been great to be a toyboy for a week now as last night she was horny as hell and sucked and fucked me till i almost passed out in the heat. I'll miss her a lot (esp the bjs and fuckings and such o and the credit card). well got dogs waiting to have the hose squirted at them and shopping to do.

shity shity bastard

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

ok, wife on the way back she will be home w the kids tomoro afternoon.

Get another night w the gf hope she is done bleeding so i can bang the shit out of her one last time.


well the wife is still not home. gf had to work late but i was waiting to take her bags. I had already cleaned the house and did dishes as well as taken care of her dogs. I listened to her bable on about work for a few minuites while giving her a little foot rub. What did i get for all my troubles BJ yessss.

am i a bastard or what?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

got a bj on the lawn durring the concert last night my gf loves to suck dick in publick i have cum to find out. I passed out later in the evening and im hung over this morning.