im a bastard and i cant spell

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

got to the gf house on monday she meet me in a very sexy dress, showing off little peeks every so often quite the turn on. i did a couple of jobs for her and she took me to bed. she lay on the bed touching herself and moaning i fingered her a little and then went and stroked het titties with my cock. she got off once twice three times. when i mounted her she was wet wet wet and i slid in and bust out ina bout 2 min we lay there panting and then napping while it rains outside.

i fixed dinner and we ate at the counter on the barstools i got her. we put on som music and she pulled her dress up and started stroking the pussy again so i leaned her back and did er again. didnt trust the stools to hold up to a good shagging si i draged her off to the bedroom and bent her over and did her doggy infront of the mirror. colapsing on the bed she got off a huge O and we rested again for a bit before showering. and hugging for a while

all this could be straight out of a porn movie

then i left! went back to my surband house with my wife and 2 children.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

late night thoughts

sat in bed last night watching the wife sleep pondering things like the other night the youngest boy advanced in rank at the boyscouts (about fucking time) but i thought if i had shot myself the other night would he have still gone to collect his badge? how would they deal with the summer boating off roading camping? who would pump out dads holding tanks? no onw wants to pump out someone elses shit. doing projects in the yard and around the house seems like if im not there it would not get done. WHO THE FUCK AM I KIDDING ALL THAT SHIT WOULD GET DONE JUST DIFFERENTLY AND PROBABLY BETTER WITHOUT ME! FUCKING ASSHOLE CHEATING INSANE BASTARD!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

last night i pulled out the shotgun shells i keep in the drawer under my bed. i held them looked at them realized they were bird shot light loads. not good enough. went to the garage and got the magnum loads one rifeling slug with 18 grains of powder. that would do it. pulled out the gun. all this time its like walking in a dream i now its wrong but im doing it anyway. forgot i put a triger lock on it would have taken another trip to the garage to get the key. put the gun away and went to bed. is a simple triger lock all that stoped me from blowing the back of my head out??????

i put on a good front im at work i just got off the phone with the repait shop about getting the ac fixed on the wife's car

but insede im shaking and terrified going to my dundgen in my head its smelly damp and safe there
i wrote this all down on paper tink ill giv it to the gf see what she thinks of my story my dreams my