im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hada cold for a week now getting better but it still sucks. wife is bleeding and dont wana give it to the gf so i just been tossing off lately you would think i would be tired of it all and not want to anymore but i do

finally got a "that is a really nice tv" out of my dad last night. guess its just hard for him to say thank you. it still rankles as auther louis llamoure would write. gota do som tire rotating on the mhome tonight.


Monday, September 27, 2010

been sick with a cold for the past week.
stayed in bed all sunday. gf was pissed but tough shit she wants me to come over after work as well but im not going to tired and have too much shit to do.

put the new tv in dads motorhome while he was gone for a week durring bouts of lucidness wife went and got him from my brothers and when i saw him sunday night all he said was the picture was fucked and too small for the frame. i know i adjusted it to fit like he would have wanted it. but he fucked it up playing with it and had to call over to the house i sent the boys to go and fix it and they did. NOT ONE WORD OF FUCKING THANKS THE TV LOOKS GOOD AND FITS IN REALLY WELL AND I KNOW YOU PUT ALOT OF HOURS INTO GETTING IT AND MAKING IT WORK! fuck it i know he appreciates it just cant say so i guess.

gota get his front tire off tonight so i can get a new one before the weekend camping trip.


Friday, September 17, 2010

goin to the gf house again tonight as usual on fri night. she has a real job now so i get there before her and feed the dogs. wed she practally threw me on the bed and had her way with me. not saying i mind much but even a INSANE BASTARD like me can only live with so much guilt running through my head all the time.

got the side car finished on dads bike he has not ridden it yet though. bought him a new tv yesterday and picked up a satilte dish for when he goes to FL. as his park has no cable. dont know y he wants to go back to his old park but he does and thats where ill take him.

boys got the hole filled in with stone and it rained yesterday and all the night before with no flooding so hopefully it will drain properly.

wife is going out of the country for the weekend with friends. i really hope she has a good time. she looks forward to it all year. i sent her an email yesterday saying i realy appreciated everything she does for me and the boys and my dad. today i sent one saying i would miss her... i think i will but not sure in my head if i really do or not.

gray has invaded my head again has done for a long time now.


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

garage sales and sidecars

the garage sale went well really only needed to be open on thrusday cause 90% of sales happened then. i told the wife she would be paid for her time (never said how much) so as it turns out the money just covered her time x hourly rate. go figure. she protested but i said without her there would have been no sales and a lot more costs involved. so it's all hers she has a weekend in stratford coming up so i hope she gets herself something nice.

droped dad off camping and rode the the bike home. 300 miles round trip on friday. did the reverse on monday. he seemed to have a good time.

monday morning the gf had the idea for me to come over for breakfast before getting my dad and i agred but i had gone to bed with a headache and woke up with it even worse. tooke some excedrine and texted i would be an hour late. when i got up it was raining so i called her and canceled she got all pissy and sent me a bunch of texts but i was tired and slept till 10 so i guess i really was tired. i think its still the affects of that hand foot mouth grunge my boy gave the week before. either way i said no to her and dissapointed her once again.

put a side car on my dads bike it works very well and he seems very pleased with hoe it turned out. i refinished his old tool box he built in 1950 or so and put it on the rack i made out of an old fishtank stand. it needs some weigh in it so it stays on the ground but it works. and looks cool

the boys dug a hole out front to drain water 4foot wide 4foot deep. good work for boys to do.


Thursday, September 02, 2010

taking my dad camping this weekend not staying but riding the bike back like last year. almost got hit head on on the way back home dont think ill have that opertunity again but you never know maybee my reaction time will be slower.

took the boys on the anual guy canoe trip canoeing boating quads motorcycles crawdad fishing and fire good weekend and never a dull moment. the youngest boy gave me a case of hand mouth foot adults rarly get it but i got it big time in my mouth wich took a week to get over.
better now i can eat but still a little tired

garage sale this weekend getting rid of the rest of dads stuff from the house. i have asked him numerioud times if he wants to keep anything and his answer is "HELL NO whereigona put it"
so sale or donate its going