im a bastard and i cant spell

Saturday, July 31, 2010


been working saturdays latly. the money is good and i dont hafta try and poke the wife and fail to bust a nut for the guilt of fri night.

took the gf and her dogs out on the boat yesterday it was nice i think the dogs had a very good time i think im loosing it cause i fret over weather her dogs are having a good time.WTF. i we showered and i cooked som solmon on the grill i painted her toe nails and ater her to a screeming O busted loose in her and went back to my house covered the boat and went to bed with the wife.

Fucking crazy aint it?

Friday, July 30, 2010

diferent women

how can 2 women be so different. the wife likes likes one orgazam only one. the gf will have 2 or 3 little ones and somtimes flog the bean till she is screaming.

the gf likes oral both given and receiving not the wife she will not give and will only reluctantly receive once in a great while.

neither can cook worth a poop. i like to cook though

the suiside thoughts are creeping back in lately.

Played with the boys last night new game with a huge ball and not many rules we laughed a lot and had fun.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

ok ok i get it you have no job and no money comming in. so you dont want me running the celing fan for an hour while we "hug" but as we are leaving you turn it on for the dogs comfort while we are gone. WTF.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

vacation 2010

just going to list the facts

got off work on wed 6-30 went to the gf house and did her like a porn movie made her dinner and left bout 10pm
left for camping with with dad in motorhome to meet brother and familys to go camping took my time getting loaded and on the road but arived and all was good
brother arrived and his truck brokedown just he parked his trailer. we determined it was a fuel pump had it towed and repaired next day
wife showed up next day with truck boat and quad. went out on the launched boat for weekend and went out on the dunes for couple of hours. kid almost blew up quad running it 2 hard but it was ok.
did the camping thing campfires smors tenting made pancakes on the griddle
boating and beaching got dad out on the boat for a while
fireworks on the 4th
brothers kids drive me crazy with all there questions
got dad out on the dunes for a evening ride not too outrages but fun ride just the same.
packed up and went to brothers house to drop off dad and motorhome

truck was running hot on the way home so i put a new rad in got it done just as it was getting dark. sometimes its good to be a mechanic.

left for NC at 0dark 30 and drove through to the inlaws 12 hours 698 miles.
lounged and visited and pryed the boys out of hiding to talk to mema and poppop and ate a lot went to the nascar hall of fame musium
ate at cracker barrel my inlaws fav restaraunt not mine but food was good.
except the youngest boy ordered a very rare steak and it made him sick.
did a quicky with the wife while the inlaws were at church.

called the gf several times durring the trip if she checks the phon records she will find out i was in NC and secertly i wish she would and it could all be over

rode the motorcycle home on friday cause has to teach on sat and sun
slept at the gf house fri sat night fucked a lot and was so flippin tired i went back to my house on sunday night just to get som sleep away from her dogs and hot 900 degree bed in the mid june with no ac. she bitched cause i was turning on the celing fan the other day. hotter than fuck and she wants to hug and she wont let me turn on the fan fuck that no fan no hugging dont mind sweaty sex but im not laying in a pool of sweat.

wife and kids got home bout 1 pm monday and bla bla bla we all setteled down for an hour before she went to church. the group she is in has a mens group as well and they kept pecking at me to join them i kept declineing politly and respectfuly. till i decided that if one more asshole asks im gona go off on him but they dident cause the wife interviened and told them to stop.
took the gf out on the boat for the day swam her dogs at the beach and took them on the boat
took the boys off roading one day we all went boating another.
put a new back tire on the motorcycle
thats it vacation over back to work