im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, December 21, 2006


i am fucking insane I am taking the wife down to c her sister durring the holiday and i am taking the gf skiing all at the same time how you ask i dont no

Thursday, December 14, 2006


went t the gf last night after doing som home repairs and other domestic shit. the gf kinda begged me to come over saying "i miss u so much" and "not seeing u for a hole day is too long" o well i fugered out som of her homework for her and as a thanks she f-ed my brains out again. when i left i felt like such a looser bastard.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

well this was real interesting I was at my volenter job on monday with my gf she does it too. we were taking a break and my gf was doing some homework and who walks in but my wife. I thought the shit was really going to hit the fan this time. I grabed my jacket and her arm and hit the door saying it was noisy in hear. it was but that was bullshit. I got her outside so fast she didnt even see my girtlfriend and I talked with her for a while and sent her back home. whew!!! when i went back to my if looks could kill gf she said what was that all about and why did she touch you. I made up this outrages lie about my kid getting expelles from school and acted all upset she bought it and well i took her home later and she was all loving and careing and wanted to hug and even offered me to f her "just a quick one to relieve the tension" I said no just to keep up the i'm upset ruse and then left a while later. whin i got home my wife was asleep and i cralled into bed and went to sleep. How i can sleep i don't know but i do know i am a bastard and will pay for all this eventally

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I went t the gf on sunday after hangng w the family all day. Sunday cleaned the garage hung christmas lights boned the wife shit like that.
did the gf after she went down on me took her a while but she was determand to get fucked so she did. I feel like that Dr guy from deep throat who is doing 2 horney as hell chicks my dick is getting sore. Wierd thing is my gf likes to keep one of my shirts to sleep with after i leave her at midnight I get home and find my wife sleeping in one of the same type of shirt. My life is fucked up and my 2 lives are running too close together. I really want t start drinking again.

Friday, December 01, 2006

This week more of the same I went to the gf house on monday after delaying it a day faking a car breakdown to not c her sunday night. she practilly threw me on her bed and fucked the shit out of me she asked me all kinds of questions like did you miss me and how much but i can't figure her out im not leaving my wife (she thinks i'm seperated from her) but she wants me just the same. I stoped by her new job on tuesday. I scared the shit out of her co worker looking like biker bad ass and all. wensday i didnt show any interest in fucking her so she went down on me till i did it was a good o and she didnt take too long t cum she sometimes takes forever but i slept a little and got up and left just like always. home life is just as usuall wife kids house all that bullshit at least the wife is bleeding so she leavs me alone for a week. I wanna start drinking again so all my problems are predictable drunk driving jail loosing my jof recovery centers suicide by drinking is always an option???(-: