im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

buisy weekend

dropped my dad and son off camping Friday night 2 hours from the house
stayed the night. the boy did not want to go but its his job now and i wasn't staying with the old man all weekend. told the boy to stock the frig looked in and there was a gallon of milk a pack of lunch meat and a pack of hot dogs. in the pantry was a pack of tortillas and a loaf of bread.  WTF. to his credit there was 10 or so microwave dinners in the freezer.  took him to the store on sat morning and got the minimum. hes going to be 20 but i guess i ask to much of him. made a list for the next time. 
dropped him off and made a beeline for the gf house. took her out to dinner tai food ver good. cuddled and rubbed our bellies slept good. fucked her brains out in the morning she won't let me eat her with the beard and mustache so i just fuck away tits a flying and all she seems to have a more lively if not better O. she made me pancakes and we brushed out her dog. i made a grilled salmon for lunch and she asked me to fuck her again so i did took a long time to nut. she said she would be sore and incontinent but owell i don't haft to lick it.  went back to my house and hung out doing as little as possible watched TV with the wife.
Monday got up made the 17 yr old drive me up to camp and drove the mo home back. chilled and cooked dinner showered and dyed my beard . called the gf and went to bed but couldn't sleep cause I'm a