im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I'm married again now. I like being married having someone to go home to. It's nice,I need a new word for nice I use it too often.
Am I being selfish moving out on the boys? They are 19 and 21 now. I had a second chance and I took it. I'm providing them with a house, paid utilities,grocery money and paying for college. I still feel a little guilt. Guess I always will, I can't help it.
The honey moon was fantastic great weather good people new in law relations, a few tense moments but all in all a great time.
I still miss her still almost cry daily
I gave my fiancĂ©  all my zip ties just before we were married. Burden lifted a bit. In the back of my head I know I can always get more. I have a forgoten one in my work jacket right now as a mater of fact. No so ready to use it. As if I ever would anyway.
Not quite sane BASTARD