im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, July 31, 2006


james2285 well the vacarion was great bad timing on her bodys part made for lots of BJs for me. She saw me new shades and swimsuite and laughed and said you put that on my card didn't you. lol
anyway i got a good tan going as we spent some time helping out make a wish children and other bullshit like that. My girlfriend says i could not be with her just for her money or her body as i get along with the kids so well. i say bullshit i'm doing it all for the money and the pussy.

i called my wife today and she asked it she could stay a couple of extra days i said sure she could leaves me more time to play house with my mistress

i am such a bastard

they were giving away tickets to david lee roth concert tonight i think i'll suprize my gf with them tonight she likes the old fart and i'll be such a thoughtful and sweet guy again. yes i'll probably get laid again.

the shit has to hit the fan sooner or later

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


last night she had to work but i took her car (yes i had her permission) and went and got some of my stuff for the trip we are taking. What i didn't have i charged to her credit card. I got her card by telling her i'll get her oil changed. I did do that that but by the time the dealer was done i had a new swim suite and cool new sunglases.
she is on her period now so we didn't f. but the BJ was fantastic.

o yea my wife called and thanked me for letting her go down to see her sister and parrents.
o what a bastard am i

i'll be gone for 4 days now but when i get back the shit is going to hit the fan for sure

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

last night my girlfriend had some work to do on the computer so she had me sit down first and she sat on top of me it was wild she banged me till i was blue. then i cooked dinner and got a call from my wife saying she was at her sisters an all that bs.

i am such a bastard

Monday, July 24, 2006

last night i made love with my mistress not just any lovemaking but lovemaking like a porn movie lovemaking it was great!!!
she is older than me by 4 years and we are spending a week together on vacation.
She has money and is taking me shopping tonight.
I'll let you know tomorow how tonight goes


PS. I can do all this because i sent my wife and kids out of town (at great expense) for the week
i am such a bastard