im a bastard and i cant spell

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

last night i worked on my fking boat its hard starting and i cant figure out y. before i was done i went inside and asked the wife if the boys had gon to bed? it was past 930 pm. omy gosh was what she said and i went and told the boys to get ready for bed. If i hadnt come in would she let them stay up How long? she gets wraped up in her work and forgets them i guess. any way called the gf and said gdnite and all that miss u bullshit. went in took a shower and the wife came in and watched me and talked to me as i got dun she handed me a towle and as i dryed off she left the room. I never expected her to go down on me or anything but... a little touch or a kiss might have been nice. no she just walked out. I love her dearly though and know i am such a bastard for what im doing to her and the kids.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ok start of another week went t the gf after working som ot at my pissy job. its hot so we lay in bed and shr read me som book she was reading. i like her voice its nice and soft like a carress while she is reading. we walked her dogs and had som dinner then took a shower together. when we got dun i was towling off my hair and found her on her knees sucking on me for all im worth it felt sooooooooo good. how do i give that up????? she showed me her grades for her last classes 5 A's. i told her i would give her 5 gazms for her 5 ays she said she wanted 5 gazms 5 days in a row. thats why i want rid of her she can take somthing fun and manipulate it into somthing i cant give her and it makes me feel like the bastard i really am. I fucked her good and hard and i think she had 4 but even shes not sure. lay with for a while and talked told her too much and she started sugesting things i should do and reminding me what a good person i really am (if she only knew the truth) went home had som more food (Im getting fat) and went t sleep with the wife. my head feels like it is going t explode and i cant hold it together much longer.

Monday, June 18, 2007

bizy weekend went to the gf friday afternoon hung out walked to the grocery i talked her into taking the dogs I being the nice guy i am offered to watched the dogs while she shopped. Called the wife and gushed how much i missed her and the kids (all bullshit) and hung up just as the gf was rounding the corner. cooked som nice burgers for dinner she read som novel after and then we fucked the rest of the night away. went home about midnight got up early enough to keep the gf from bitching slept in till 9 or so made coffee fucked som more walked her dogs showered soaped and creemed her packed her a lunch and sent her off t work. Got home to hugs and we missed u bullshit. Worked my ass off in the side yard but "we were together" I does look nice now. we sat on the back deck and talked for a long while about nothing took the cycles with the wife to get a gift for my dad. got up sunday morn went t church with the family. ate pancakes burnt/raw made by my youngest son. opened som bullshit gifts and went to my dads and worked my ass there too. went to my "meeting" aka gf house sun night and showered soaped and creemed her. did the 69 with her for a while then she came a couple of times and i had a killer O if i do her right her puss quivers while i cum .

right now im on the phone w the gf and the wife is calling me (the boys are going t camp and wanted to say by) I gushed love and be carful and hav fun all that fatherly bullshit. In a minute ill say good by to the gf and gush love and all that bullshit.


Friday, June 15, 2007

going back to the gf this afternoon she says she is done bleeding enough for me to fuck her. yuck but i dont know how to say no. I'v been gon 2 days and the wife says she misses me. Damti why do bitches miss me so much. Im a bastard and neither one can seem to figure out im cheeting on them. or do they just not want to know. the excust i used to be gon so long is plausable but kind of a strech. on wensday the gf draged me to a bullshit thing at the college and i ran into the mother of my sons best friend. Had to do som creative calling and som damage control to dodge that bullet. will it ever end.... I heard ther is going to be som cataclismic event in december 2012 that will wipe out life on earth I dont think i can hold out that long

Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend off wo a hitch went to my inlaws for a grad party. good food couldent drink got the wife a little tippy though. i would soooo like to fuck one of my sis in laws. got home late and called the gf while cleaning the garage. went t bed couldnt sleep but got up got somthing t eat and tossed off and watched a movie. went t church w the family on sunday it never falls down on me. did yard work and laundry while the wife went to som bullshit. went to the gf s around 5 we rode bikes and walked her dogs i made dinner and we watched a pretty good movie the freedom writers. she fucked my brains out after that the sex is sooooooo good w her. thats part of what keeps me around the other is I think i really love her.
On saturday night my wife put her head on my right shoulder got all cuddley and said "I love you so much"
Sunday night my gf put her head on my left shoulder got all cuddley and said "I love you so much"

kinda scary like they compare notes or somthing.

to both i responded i love you too
i am such a fucking bastard

Friday, June 08, 2007

interesting week really worked did the home life shit went to my dads last night and made dinner (never by meijer brand chicken) had the boys do yard work them went out for ice cream. got home took a handful of sleeping tabs and took a shower. called the gf and left her a vm saying i was tired and slept like i took a handfull of sleeping tabs. work sucks right now. Gpoin to the gf after work meeting with a guy we know for an early dinner. Should be kind of interesting this guy killed a kid this past winter in a freek snowmobile acident. what the hell do you say to a guy like that? i am tired anymore so verrrry tired of living the lies in my life. tired of being a bastard